Join Louisville Lodge #8 for Their Yearly Flag Day Tribute

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Although the origins of Flag Day are somewhat disputed (some say it was first celebrated in 1861 in Hartford, Connecticut, while others believe it was started by a Wisconsin schoolteacher in 1885), the Elks’ commitment to it is not. Our order began observing the holiday in 1907, when it designated June 14 as Flag Day. We’ve celebrated it every year since, and it’s been a mandatory observance for all lodges since 1911. The Elks even got President Woodrow Wilson to officially designate Flag Day as a holiday in 1916.

This year, lodges across Kentucky will be celebrating Flag Day, and you can join Louisville Lodge #8 for their tribute on Saturday, June 16. The ceremony will kick off at 2 PM at the Louisville Lodge, and will be followed by a Flag Retirement Ceremony from 3 PM – 5 PM. This event is open to the public, and the members of Louisville Lodge invite everyone to attend.